Introductory Essay

Ayanna Kindell

English for the Sciences

Prof. Grove


Future Millionaire in Your Presence 

Writing for the sciences is not something that interests me entirely because I am not one that likes reading long boring texts about studies or medical breakthroughs or social breakthroughs. As much as teachers DON’T want to hear this, I am in this class because it satisfies my schedule and goes towards me getting a grade. It was needed and my schedule is perfect for me, I couldn’t ruin it with a Tuesday thursday class. I would like to own a business. This class can aid me with writing formal write ups about/for my business and allow me to have a certain level of professionalism that I am still learning and im trying to achieve. My goal is to own a business in esthetics. Probably in Miami or ATl or NYC. I love plastic surgery and everything surrounding aesthetics. I believe this class can assist. I think I am a little bougie, which is why I cannot stand lthings og low quality. Or maybe I just like high quality things in life. I work at Tory Burch and I really like it there. Mainly the pay bu also because it holds some status to me. I’m not flipping burgers at a fast food chain for minimum wage, I’m at a luxury store wearing nice expensive clothes and talking to people who probably have my entire savings at their expense. I see myself owning several businesses. I know for a fact I want an aesthetics shop. I think they are called MediSpas or Medical Spas. I will do dermaplaning, eyebrow tinting, microblading, laser hair removal, mole removal,fat freezing, lip injections, all of that and more! But I also want to own a hair salon in NYC, a nail salon in Atlanta, a clothing brand ( maybe ), and hopefully a really nice house in Atlanta or Miami. Hopefully both because the ATL is the hub for black business owners and I know I belong there. Miami because i want women who’ve recently gotten an enhancement to come to me to keep up their results. I know I’ll need one! My goal is to make at least 3 million by 35. That’s obtainable. I have a heart for this and I know how to invest money. This class can help me with writing more formal pieces pertaining to my business. I know that I’ll have to which is not something I look forward too, but it’s a necessary part of life. Maybe I’ll learn how to do my taxes, we’ll see Prof. Grove.

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